kina (mopheadrock) wrote,

Shitty Ass Morning

It's Veteran's Day weekend, and we're celebrating with the veterans by drinking our asses off. Gabby and I were being studious and doing our homework until around 11:45pm. We still had time to catch Ken's party, so we get ready.. but by the time we get there, there is no party. Probably because no one's here this weekend. Everyone's gone.

So we go to Rite-Aid to buy more juice, since we were out anyway. Then we get back to UVT, and as I come down the stairs, I see a big ass in a window. I count the number of floors... 4th floor. So I'm guessing that's Nick's butt. So Gabby and I stare until we see Nick stand up, and it looks like some other people were there. Of course, we didn't want to be left behind, so we IMed Hassan to see if we could come up. He said "come up if you want to". We wanted to and went up. We weren't exactly welcome there, even though we brought our own stash. But Clapton was down to go downstairs with us and chill. Hassan was busy taking care of a very trashed Esteban, so he came down later. A bunch of drinks and a scary ghost story later, me, gabby, and clapton head down to the jacuzzi at 4 AM, 6 hours after the pool closes. So we snuck in cuz my fucking key didn't work.

Glorious 30 minutes in the jacuzzi... the security guard caught us, but was kind enough to give us some more time. We went back to my room and found out my key didn't work. After 15 minutes of sliding the card in and out of the door, we gave up. We didn't have our phones, either. Head out to Clapton's apartment and we all "slept" in his bed. Gabby was too hyper to sleep. I had to sleep cuz my parents and relatives were dropping by in the morning.

Didn't fall asleep till 7Am. Woke up around 9AM. Since I was sleeping in the middle, I got up and took the blanket off of Gabby, when she yelled "Kina! Move your ass! It's cold!" I said, "Good, get up!" But she didn't, so I just left her there.

Went downstairs to see if the leasing office was open. It's office hours said 9AM.. and it was definitely around 9:15 AM. Remember, I came back from the jacuzzi, I borrowed a shirt from Clapton. But I had no shorts or pants. So I was wrapped in a towel without a bra on; I was holding my swimsuit top in my hands. No one was in the office. It was dark, too. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should go back to the apartment and ring the doorbell to wake up all of the guys. Plus, Nick had his friend sleeping on the couch, so I didn't want to wake him up. Luckily, I had my car keys because it was fuckin freezing. My towel was still wet and it finally got colder for winter. So I'm walking upstairs to the parking lot, and a security guard woman looks at me in a weird way, "excuse me, what are you doing here?" I explained that I was locked out of my room but she couldn't do anything about it. Stupid ass bitch.

I wait in my car for an hour, listening to the radio. I left the car thinking I was good since people should be in the office by now. Nope. Wrong. It was around 10 and I was waiting in front of the office. A guy who needed something from the office came by, I asked him what time it was, and it was 10:15. So I'd been waiting there for 20 minutes in the cold. Finally, the guy went to look for a maintenance dude. The big black dude came by and went into the office to turn on the lights. He came out, looks at me up and down with an ugly look on his face, "What do you want?" Maybe he thought I was some kind of hobo, cuz I had smeared makeup, messed up hair- basically looked like shit. I told him that my card didn't work. He just stuck out his hand for the card. I opened my cardholder, and it wasn't there. I left it in the car, but I was frustrated because I didn't want to walk anymore. I walk upstairs and get the card from the car. I walk downstairs and a couple of guys passed me by, all with the same look like "Ha, she's doing the Walk of Shame!" Humiliating. I give the man the card and apparently by card "expired". So he had to reactivate. How dumb.

I walk back all moody and cross. And then I forgot I left my contacts at Clapton's.

Went into the apartment, cleaned up all of the cans and bottles. Cleaned up everything. That took a good hour. Knocked out till my parents came by at 1:30 pm.

This is what I get for going to the jacuzzi after closing time.

God is punishing me for breaking the pool rules.

Plus... I've got a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. Lovely.
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