kina (mopheadrock) wrote,

Great Wall of China

I've analyzed over and over again until I've gotten the basic gist of what my fears and feelings are about this dude.
1. I've put up a guard on my feelings. Not going to make the same mistake by liking someone in a short amount of time. Taking this slowly.
2. I'm afraid of what kind of person he is. I'm afraid of what I might find out.

It's good that he has a lot of work to do and doesn't live in the hall. That way, I don't have to get sucked into seeing him all the time and turning into an extra appendage, or turning into Saimese twins.

Going to take this in a mature fashion: slow and steady.

In other news, Kina has to start packing up.. almost time to go. I realize that I'm going to miss these people, whether or not I talk to them or see them all the time. Luckily some of the people are going to be living in the same apartment complex as me, Gabby, and Sam, so it'll be good.

And of course, the drama up in here never ends. Alexis is making her last effort in splitting up the entire hall to be the fucking continent of Africa. But enough about that.

I need more boxes to pack up my things. I didn't realize how much I've acquired over the year. Too many clothes, too many things. I'll have to call my parents to bring more boxes or something. And I'm going to have to do something with my stash of alki.
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