kina (mopheadrock) wrote,

Mckenzie-Mueller Pinot Grigio

Gabby and I picked Sam up from the Long Beach Airport yesterday. It took us a while because it was raining in Riverside County. So many freeways. Just to let myself know: the CA-91 to the CA-55 to the CA-22 to the I-405... I think. That sounds about right. So right after we picked Sam up, we spontaneously decided to head to the beach. We didn't have a camera, so we stopped by Long's Drug on Lakewood Blvd...among other things like Mother's oatmeal cookies, Twix bars, and a wine bottle opener. Headed out to Sunset Beach. We just sat out there, under my pink heart blanket (it's third trip to Sunset Beach), drinking some of Sam's family-owned wined. I only tasted a bit. It was tres bien. It was like our own version of Sex and the City. We just needed a fourth person.
But Sam lost her phone. We think she probably dropped it while she was doing a Baywatch run along the shore. We scoured the beach for it. No luck. We had a fantastic ride back, though. Just singing to all these songs, and going through the freeways without any traffic--or cars, for that matter-- and blasting out "SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE!!"

It was a perfect girl hangout. But then again, I've had lots of perfect girl hangouts this Spring Break, so I was really happy that it didn't change all that much when I came back. Especially since I'm so much closer to You-Know-Who (and I don't mean Voldemort). You-Know-Who is still playing that "Hide from Kina" shit again. Sam and I were talking about how it hurt how we can't just be friends with guys we went out with. The guys are uncomfortable around us.

Judging by the syllabi of my classes, I will be quite busy this quarter. And it doesn't help that my GPA isn't that high.. SOOOOO, I have to raise it. And the only way to do that is to get straight A's. An impossible feat. Seriously.
An A in Calculus for Business? Fuck that. An A in Psychology? Fuck that. An A in Geology? Fuck that. An A in English 1c? That might not be impossible. Especially if we're analyzing comic books (I hit the jackpot with this one!).
By the way, there's no room for an A-. They have to be A's. Really strong motherfucking A's. An A minus= 3.70. And an A= 4. So yeah, I have to do well. Especially if I want to transfer to Berkeley and ESPECIALLY if I want to study abroad in Italy. Or anywhere else that requires and 3.0 gpa.

I had my first class this morning at 7AM. I woke up at 6 AM and it was still dark outside. I went to sleep for 25 more minutes before I got up and it was still dark outside. That's fucked up. It's a discussion, but the problem is that I have to have 2 discussion classes per week, instead of 1, so on Monday and Wednesday nights, I'd have to sleep at a freakishly early hour, like 10PM latest. I never went to sleep earlier than 10PM since kindergarten.

Oh well, there's a first for everything, right?

Oh yeah, I think I'm back to that state where I'm longing for some guy to sweep me off my feet. Or like I'd meet him while I'm in class, or while I'm researching something in the library and accidentally bump into a guy who'd actually take interest. The rational part of me is saying "Like that will EVER FUCKING HAPPEN!". Will it ever happen?

I think not...

Good God, I'm a singleton again. Officially.
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