kina (mopheadrock) wrote,

Higher Standard of Living

The past two weeks or so, I've been going through some shopping therapy to ease the pain of Nick not being my significant other anymore (the reason why I've been on the dl for a while). So far, it's been working, as long as I've got bank. So I've gone through all the receipts to see how much I've spent-- and the splurge total was humongous. I just hope I haven't overdrawn. errgghh.. and I still have to save enough to buy books for this upcoming quarter.

I've analyzed myself too much this week. My conclusion is this: since I don't have anyone to depend on anymore (and I was plunging into that downhill spiral of dependency.. ugh) I started relying on things that won't break my heart= shoes. When I came back for spring break, I had three new pairs to break into. And today, "Nordy's"/Nordstrom had a shoe sale, which was simply irresistible. One day, I will OWN a pair of Ferragamo shoes. It's a must, because if my mom owns a pair, I will certainly have to own some before I die. So what did I do at the shoe sale? Buy more shoes of course! Two pairs, to be exact. ooohhh.. I really want to wear them soon.

And so the total amount of money I splurged leads me to another conclusion: study harder at school. Because this girl needs her masters in Business Administration, with a minor in philosophy, and another minor in psychology in order to make it to the top. That way, I could definitely invest into shoes.

Just to let you know, shoes weren't the ONLY things I bought.

So here's a declaration:
No using my Debit Card (which I've come to love so much, and I've been flashing it at cash registers all over SoCal) unless I use it for-
1) gas
2) books

and POSSIBLY 3) food

no more trips to the Fashion Center in San Diego, Moreno Valley Mall, Santa Anita Mall, Tyler Mall, or Glendale Galleria.

There. This seems like a version of "Confessions of a Shopoholic" except, it's my life.

I feel really superficial right now.
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