kina (mopheadrock) wrote,

Merry Dorming

So, I'm done with my finals, and I'm just hanging out in the dorms. Why you ask? One, Kelly isn't back home yet. Two, I don't really feel like seeing my parents right now--I think two and a half weeks is enough time to spend with them. Three, Nick's still here.

I just passed out candy wrapped in tissue and candy to my hallmates. I hope that they like them. Twenty dollars for forty people? Good going, Kina. Way to stretch the dollar.

Although I'm happy living in the dorms without family problems breathing down my neck, my nose is not. I'm congested, and Nick already gave me medicine. I should be feeling a little bit better, which I am. But, my nose is dying. It feels like it'll fall off like Michael Jackson's nose.

I don't really feel like updating anymore. So I will just stop right now.
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