kina (mopheadrock) wrote,

My Christmas Wishlist

All right. I've been thinking about what I want for Christmas, and I've realized that the prices for the items that I want will probably break your wallets.

For example:
1) A Razor phone (which I can get for myself once I get a job--I actually had a dream about it this morning)
2) A skateboard (this is a necessity because all of my classes are on the outskirts of campus--on the other side)
3) A digital camera
4) Dior Addict perfume or Chance Channel perfume from sephora

but that's just the selfish side of me speaking. Also, I needed to put those things down in hardcopy so that way I know what to save up for. I need the skateboard now, so I can practice going to class every morning. The digital camera and phone can wait.

Ok, a wishlist that's less than aim-for-the-stars:
1. Anything from Side CCA (which is the new store in Santa Anita near OLD NAVY) is cool.
2. As always, CDs are awesome.
3. Care packages for when I go back to my dorms are awesome, too.
4. Edible treats :)
5. Jewelry's cool, too.

I'm not trying to be a Christmas horde, I'm just giving people clarity, since I always say I don't know whenever people ask me what I want. So there it is.
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