kina (mopheadrock) wrote,

hyperdetournement: the continuation

paragraph 2 paraphrase (my best attempt):
detournement has a strange "power" that obviously comes from the double meaning, from the "enrichment of most of the terms" by the combination of the old and new elements.
*What does 'the cheapness of its products is the heavy artillery that beraks through all the Chinese walls of undrstanding'refer to? What is this quote referring to? that made in china products are cheaply made? or does it refer to the Chinese way of thinking?

"Detournement is a game made possible by the capacity of devaluation" Detournement is a gamde made possible through lessening? WHAT??????
"Detournement is thus first of all a negation of the value of the previous organization of expression." Detournement is something + its inverse to create this new identity.
*What's a 'detournable bloc'? 'vaster construction'? faster construction?

oh.. found the answer to what SI means- Situationist International: an international political and artistic movement.

situationist as "having to do with the theory or practical activity of constructing situations."

"situationist activity is a particular craft that we are not yet practicing" so.. should we be practicing it? are supposed to be involved with situationist activity even more?

Detournement is the signature of the situationist movement. detournement=situationist. (what? that totally negates detournement of the web. if we're not part of the situationist movement then we're not practicing detournement. wait.. no. detournement does not = situationist. it's only a definition- a symbol).

"losing grip on reality and being reduced to self-parody". i don't get this AT ALL. SNL, MadTV, Everybody <3 Raymond, Happy Sunday Show, - so...? Is this referring to the world as a whole? Our culture? Our media? "forms of expression"... are we speaking in a way where we always make fun of ourselves, our culture?

Era of contradictions- what I said before.. about East meets West, etc. "the essential voyages of discovery have been undertaken by such astonishingly incapable people." So DUMB PEOPLE=COMPLETE GENIUSES (because of their stupidity?)
Is this another parody?
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